Ośrodek Ewaluacji

Ośrodek Ewaluacji

Evaluation provides knowledge.

Knowledge helps to utilise your resources and to make best decisions.
We give you good evaluation.

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Centre specializes in assessing efficiency, effectiveness, and usefulness of the activities of the NGOs and public institutions.

Our evaluation experts have experience in working with NGOs, local governments, education institutions. We have completed many evaluation projects, trainings and consulting jobs, but every new task is a challenge for us; the challenge to fully meet your needs.

  1. We evaluate and monitor European Union projects, but we deal with other education and social schemes.
  2. We keep our research in line with the needs and means of the Clients, and we aim at making our reports as useful as possible.
  3. We help in self-evaluation and monitoring.
  4. We offer consulting in both planning and implementation stages of the research.
  5. We can teach evaluation. Our workshops successfully teach how to conduct evaluation and write reports.
  6. We offer a unique blend of teaching skills and evaluation expertise.
  7. The workshops are all custom-made. We work basing on the issues indicated by the Client.
  8. The participants can work on their own evaluation projects right from the start, they create their own tool set, collect their own data, they create their own research tools, they learn to write their own reports.

Any questions? Contakt us: info@ewaluacja.eu

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